Changing economic dynamics in macro-economic environment and added budgetary constraints pose a challenge to businesses, business leaders and corporate counsels in terms of cost and outcome pressure requiring them to acquire and retain best talent. An option to partner with Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) providers bring them an opportunity to ‘extend their enterprise’, thereby providing access to a high quality talent pool of legal professionals, a proven global delivery model, deep domain expertise and an unrelenting focus on delivery excellence. Innovolve helps clients build a model to seek services sustainably, scale operations and effectively reduce costs of their legal processes and more importantly, have their associates focus on spending more time with clients, thereby creating greater value for the organization. Legal services are high-risk, sensitive and highly complex, and WNS works with clients towards achieving increased efficiency while at the same time reducing costs.


Innovolve works with global corporations needing to do more with less in today's challenging environment. Our proven methodology enables us to understand your legal and business needs to design solutions that can offer effectiveness. Innovolve identifies Four major drivers behind our legal related services:

• Cost • Quality • Flexibility / Scalability • Accountability

We follow a balanced approach in devising solutions that offer our clients opportunity to scale, alter, cancel and modify scope with effective change management without impacting financials. For more information, please contact


Law firms have a unique set of challenges in addressing their domain and support services needs. Innovolve’s team of law firm solution professionals is dedicated to the legal domain and brings significant best practice experience to optimize the balance between effective delivery and efficient cost. Innovolve is flexible with the law firms in engaging legal resources at offshore locations that materially lowers the cost of performing services. Our support offers existing internal resources to refocus their efforts on more complex and higher value services to the firm.
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Innovolve’s consulting team under its flagship research operations “Law LabTM “is comprised of industry leaders with extensive experience in optimizing the performance of law departments and law firms in the focused areas of e-Discovery and litigation support, intellectual property, contracts, personal injury and law firm domain and support services functions. Our clients gain material value beyond that offered by traditional consultancies. We provide both strategic advice and tactical solutions - we also provide the ability to deliver the efficiencies we design. For more information, please contact


  • Jurisprudence is still evolving and Law firm and business are demanding increased focus on the legal proceedings and related situations,

    Innovolve Legal Research conducts thorough legal research to help client with readily digestable intelligence. We offer LR services on case-by-case basis, litigation and fixed assignment basis.

    Legal outsoucing services including Case law research, drafting motions, briefs, appeals, discovery responses, memos, and Judgements Summarization. Innovolve helps attorneys and corporate departments stay on top of their dockets and maximize their chances of prevailing.

  • Innovolve has been offering quality intellectual property services to domestic as well as international clients from various geographies for past five years. Innovolve has successfully supported corporations, research organizations and law firms for patent research, patent preparation and national phase patent prosecution. Innovolve employs best-in-class professionals and passionate to create value for its clients.

    While managing scientific research, technological advancement and pursuing opportunities in global markets, businesses and attorneys, requires intelligence to secure and monetize IP rights in key jurisdictions.

    Innovole special suit of IPR services gaurantee quality and business advantage to our clients. We offer extensive services in this demanding segment to global corporations and law firms.

  • With contracts becoming larger and more complex, expert commercial management practices take on an even greater prominence and ILx's team of dedicated Commercial & Contract Management professionals is leading the way. Managing those contracts and streamlining contract databases requires a team of well-trained, dedicated attorneys who can review, summarize, and track key contract terms.

    Indeed, the group's mission is to provide superior, consistent delivery against ILx's contract commitments, safeguarding revenues, profits and reputation.

    We interact with any function or capability contributing to a client project, including Legal, Finance, Human Resources and Business Operations giving us abundant opportunities to add value and contribute to the success of both ILx and the client.

  • ILx Personal Injury Team assists personal injury Attorneys and Solicitors. Considering high volumes, generating efficiency in processing personal injury claims is a challenge. Our expert personal injury lawyers at ILx are trained to prepare and claims efficiently and provide clear and precise reporting for each claim. We offer expert knowledge of compensation claims, precise investigation (who was responsible?), and address financial issues. We are solution oriented, resolve cases and provide cost advantage and efficiency in doing business. We have trained staff to work on Needles and AbacusLaw Software.
    We assist law firms, corporations, transportation and insurance companies in filing claims or defending the cases related to road accidents, train accidents, industrial accidents, marine and aviation accidents. We assist client during Pre-litigation stage for compiling and presenting evidence, Drafting of necessary correspondence, Searching for applicable case laws and statutes and during Litigation stage support for Preparation of Suit Papers, Summons and Complaint, Interrogatories, Summary of Depositions, Review of Medical records, Writing of Medical summary, Requests for Admission & Documents and writing Demand letters to insurance adjusters. Our services includes:

    • Opening of New case file

    • Drafting of necessary correspondence

    • Searching for applicable case laws and statutes

    • Drafting of Summons and Complaints

    • Summary of Depositions

    • Review of Medical records

    • Writing Medical summary

    • Drafting of Demand package

    • Updating Case information

    For a case study on Personal Injury Litigation Coding services we are currently providing to a client, please read more To seek our service please email us at

  • By combining legal research and writing, deposition summaries, and document review, you can stay on top of your litigation matters. We support with IRAC and Blue book compliant memos preparations that typically addresses legal issues or questions of law. Furthermore, we support with Drafting motions and responses - Motions for Summary Judgment, to Compel Discovery, Dismiss, Interrogatories, Admissions etc. as per the Blue Book.

    Such exhaustive and strategic litigation support undoubtedly maximizes your chances of a favorable outcome.

  • Legal process outsoucing services including e-discovery, standard document review and document coding. We have expertise in working on all major platforms, we assure quickest and cost-effective turn around no matter size of piles of documents to review as part of a production request. Call us.

    We empower organizations to successfully manage litigation support, regulatory inquiries, and investigations. We offer experienced resources, processes and technology to deliver repeatable and defensible results. Our approach has helped clients keep pace with information explosion and reduce their review costs and total cost of litigation — delivering measurable business value for corporate legal departments and law firms.With rich evidence lifecycle experience, your team can leverage this expertise to support strategic thinking and best practices across a wide range of legal and e-discovery issues. We provide process-driven document review management, with the capability to staff projects with resources from multiple geographies.

    Our areas of expertise
    • Anti-trust review for second request
    • Commercial litigation
    • Corporate investigations
    • Investigations related to Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Department of Justice (DOJ)
    • Investigations related to Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA)

    support undoubtedly maximizes you chances of a favorable outcome.

  • Transcription has been looked as the easiest outsourced service, however, inexperience in executing these services may lead to loss of context and absured transcription error. Innovolve employs experienced lawyers who are trained to quickly appreciate the context and use machines for greater output.
    We offer trasncription of:
    • Legal File notes and cover notes
    • E-mail transcripts
    • Deposition Transcripts
    • Court Transcripts
    • Legal telephonic notes
    • Insurance transcripts

    We have been offering legal transcription services to law firms, solicitors and other legal organizations for past four years. Our experienced legal transcriptionists and quality analysts provide accurate and high quality support.
    • Quick turnaround time 4 – 24 hours
    • For every 3 transcribers we have one quality analyst to ensure the delivery of high quality work.
    • Transcription done using set templates of the client or as per the precedents set in UK/US.
    • All data is treated confidential and is transferred via secured network.
    • 98.5% accuracy provided.
    • Almost all types of file formats are covered by us such as wav, mp3, dss, msv, dvf, mp2, vox etc.
    • Dedicated transcribers to each of clients on demand.
    • Highly competitive rates.

  • – Innovolve offers legal compliance services through an automated application "Complsquad" - a cloud based application that integrates our client data on client server with a innovole legal support team.

    Moreover, the application assists inhouse legal personnel with ready to use risk evaluation and quick compliace checks with an option to raise quries to innovolve legal team.

  • Knowledge based businesses that rely on innovation, research and technology require expansive scintoLegal research to competitor analysis and to keep track of changing map of technology in a particular domain. We offer ScintoLegal intellegence services and intend to offer high impact value to our client businesses.

  • We offer a variety of patent search and analysis services, our proprietary search strategy and experience allows us to provide a comprehensive search and analysis reports. At Innovolve, patent searches are performed by experts in the related technology domain with extensive experience in searching patent databases and patent information handling.

    Our patent search and analysis services include:


    Innovolve's high level preliminary patentability search offers flexible keywords selection to our customers that helps identify relevant prior art references that eliminates or "knocks out" the invention disclosure. Turnaround Time – 2-3 business days Starting Price - $300


    Innovolve's patentability or novelty search identifies prior art references that may alone or in combination with others be relevant to the patentability of the invention disclosure.

    Turnaround Time – 3-5 business days
    Starting Price - $350


    It's a Clearance or Infringement search that can identify whether any patents held by third parties might block your operations. Our Freedom to Operate searches help assess your litigation risks, and inform your assessments of whether you require licenses to patented technologies held by others.

    When to order? Freedom to Operate searches are typically conducted prior to launching operations, such as manufacturing, sales, importing and exporting. Freedom


    Innovolve's invalidity/validity search identifies prior art references that may alone or in combination with others be relevant to the validity of a claim or the claims of an issued patent or published application.
    Turnaround Time – 5-7 business days
    Starting Price - $1000


    Since August 25, 2006, the USPTO's Accelerated Examination procedures allow for the USPTO to advance an application out of turn for examination if the applicant files a grantable petition to make special request under the accelerated examination program. Part of requirements to file a grantable petition to make special request includes conducting a pre-examination search and the filing of an accelerated examination support document (AESD).
    Innovolve's Accelerated Examination search identifies prior art references that may be, either alone or in combination, relevant to the patentability of the claims of the patent application to be filed under the accelerated examination program. Our Accelerated Examination search will greatly assist the applicant in completing the AESD by identifying the field of search by U.S. class and subclass, as well as International class, and for database searches, providing the search logic or chemical structure or sequence used as a query, the name of the file or files searches, the database service used, and the date of the search. Detailed information about the Accelerated Examination procedure can be found by visiting the USPTO's Acceleration Examination website.
    Turnaround Time – 7-9 business days
    Starting Price - $1000


    Innovolve's State of the Art Search identifies patents, published applications, and/or non-patent literature in a specified technical field, helping client to recognize most up-to-date information in a particular art. Innovolve can also tailor its State of the Art Search to fit any metric the client desires to understand, including inventors, assignee, classification, and filing dates.

    Turnaround Time – 3-5 business days
    Starting Price - $500


    • On September 16, 2012, several provisions of the American Invents Act (AIA) relating to third party post-issuance patent challenges to validity became available. Innovolve's leadership team has extensive and specific expertise in these and other provisions of the AIA.

    • Innovolve's patent research services offerings is modeled to keep up with the dynamic changes in patent law. Thus, under a suit of "Patent Litigation and Support Services" we offer a new set of search services that are right on target and on-spot with our customers requirements.

  • We offer specialized services in preparation of request for re-examination accompanied by invalidity search report including claim charts. Our experts work rigorously on finalizing the SNQPs through analysis of prosecution history of the target patent. We analyze the individual technology aspects, their relevance from obviousness perspective and put forward a strong and convincing argument in the request. We undertake preparation of both ex-parte and enter-parte requests. Our request preparation services are provided by trained attorney having experence in perparaton of persuasive and successful requests.


    Under the recently enacted provisions of American Invents Act, third parties may submit patents and printed publications to be considered during examination of a patent already filed as of September 16, 2012. The provisions allow for the real party in interest of the submission to remain anonymous and further, no estoppel effect is created through this submission. Innovolve's Pre-Issuance Submission Searches identifies patent and non-patent literature documents that may be relevant to the patentability of one of more claims in the patent application under examination, offering the third party an opportunity to comment on their relevancy to the applicant's claims at issue.

    The pre-issuance submission must be filed by the earlier of (A) the date of a notice of allowance or (B) the later of (i) six (6) months after the application is first published or (ii) the date of the first rejection of any claim by the examiner.
    For more information about Pre-Issuance Submissions, please visit the USPTO's Preissuance Submissions website.

    Turnaround Time – 3-5 business days Starting Price - $1000


    The American Invents Act also provides for new opportunities for third parties to challenge a patent post-issuance. Specifically, the Act, allows for a third party request for post-grant review challenging a granted patent on the grounds of, among other things, anticipation and obviousness. Innovolve's Post-Grant Review Searches identifies patent and non-patent literature documents that may be relevant to the patentability of one of more claims in the granted patent, offering the third party an opportunity to show that it is more likely than not that at least one claim is unpatentable in order to trigger a post-grant review. A petition for a post-grant review must be filed on or prior to the date that is nine (9) months after the grant of a patent or issuance of a reissue patent. For more information about Post-Grant Review, please visit the USPTO's Post-Grant Review Submissions website. Turnaround Time – 5-7 Business Days Starting Price - $2000


    The American Invents Act replaces the traditional inter partes reexamination with Inter partes review. Specifically, the Act provides for a third party challenger to request inter review of an issued patent only on the grounds of anticipation and obviousness on the basis of patents and printed publications. Innovolve's Inter Partes Review Searches identifies patent and non-patent literature documents that may be relevant to the patentability of one of more claims in the granted patent, offering the third party (petitioner) an opportunity to show that there is a reasonable likelihood that the petitioner would prevail with respect to at least one claim challenged. A petition for inter partes review must be filed after the later of either (A) 9 months after the grant of the patent or issuance of a reissue patent; or (B) if a post grant review is instituted, the termination of the post grant review. For more information about Inter Partes Review, please visit the USPTO's Inter Partes Review website.
    Turnaround Time – 5-7 business days Starting Price - $2500


    • Intellectual property strategy plays a key component in the framework of decision making processes and procedures of any business. Intellectual property strategy is tightly interlinked with corporate research and development strategy and with corporate business strategy, which in turn are both interlinked with the corporate management strategy.

    • Innovolve's multi-disciplinary research services provide clients with an understanding of the various intellectual property issues associated with their corporate business strategy.

    Innovolve's Due Diligence services primarily assist clients in investigating any intellectual property issues associated with a business transaction, including acquisition, sale, and licensing. Using a combination of patent research services, including validity/invalidity studies, freedom to operate/clearance studies, and assignee searches on the assets at issue, our teams of analysts can help clients understand the overall intellectual property issue surrounding a pending transaction.
    Turnaround Time – 14-21 business days
    Starting Price - $5000


    Innovolve's Patent Portfolio Analysis service helps clients mine unused intellectual property assets for revenues through assignment, licensing or disposition. Our assessment takes into account the competitive landscape of the industry, and identifies whether any unused patents may cover an untapped niche in the marketplace, helping clients identify key strengths and weaknesses of their portfolio relative to the industry and specific competitors and identify which technologies which may be successful candidates for licensing, commercialization, or sale.
    Turnaround Time – 7-10 business days
    Starting Price - $3000


    Innovolve's Landscape Studies provide clients with a broad, yet detailed view of the current state of intellectual property for a specific market. These studies are conducted by industry professionals who are subject matter experts in their respective areas. By providing information pertaining to assignee-wide distribution of intellectual property activity, key players in the market, and relevant patents categorized by technology areas, classification, and filing and/or issuance dates, Innovolve helps clients increase their potential for developing new technologies that can be patented and also to reinforce existing markets or secure new market shares.
    Turnaround Time – 7-10 business days
    Starting Price - $3000


    Innovolve's Competitive Intelligence services are essential to any corporation or venture capital firm seeking to invest in new technology. Our studies can help clients identify market areas where a potential start-up can break through, how an innovation may be accepted by a market, and the risk involved for a start-up to enter a market based on revenue potential and infringement possibilities.
    Turnaround Time – 7-10 business days Starting Price - $3000


    Innovolve's Assertions Studies provide clients with information critical for identify new opportunities for revenue through potential licensing and infringement litigation. These studies are conducted by industry professionals who are subject matter experts in their respective areas. Our Assertion Studies are conducted using the documentation of known competitors' products and services and/or expanding the scope of the search to identify unknown entities whose activities may be infringing.

    Turnaround Time – 7-10 business days Starting Price - $3000

  • We offer complete patent application preparation, filing and prosecution services in various countries.
    Particularly, we undertake patent application preparation for India, US, EP, China, and Korea. We understand prior art, focus on invention or product, and market under consideration, discuss work around strategies with client, formalize illustrations, query and pursue client for smallest details that we need to draft a formidable patent application.

    Our drafting and prosecution services are provided by patent agents having relevant technology background. Our experience coupled with our robust internal processes enables us to produce high quality patent drafts.

  • Our engineers and patent attorneys are specialized in the following technology domains:

    Electronics and Telecommunications
    Information Technology
    Biosciences and Personal Care
    Medical Devices
    Biomedical Engineering
    Chemical Engineering
    Consumer Health Care and Personal Products
    Mechanical Engineering
    Automotive Manufacturing and Transportation Engineering
    Computer Software
    Computer Networks

  • Trademark Search and Analysis We provide trademark search and analysis services for clients seeking to protect their trademarks. All our search reports provides the possibility of registering the client's trademark. Through Our systematic search methodology we provide search and analysis services for Indian and overseas clients for conducting a feasibility analysis for identification of possible hurdles in prosecution in various countries. We identify all related brands, goods, and services available in the market, in particular jurisdiction, along with pinpoint citation regarding relevancy thereof.

    Trademark Filing, Prosecution and Registration

    We offer trademark filing, prosecution and registration services in various countries. Our services are provided by experienced analysts who are well versed in trademark law. Our well-organized approach and trademark expertise allows us to provide great value to clients in the process of trademark registration.

    • Search and Monitoring Services
    • Renewal and Recordal Services
    • Portfolio Creation Services

    Trademark Opposition

    We offer trademark watch and opposition services for our clients. Our team monitors journals in order to identify trademarks similar to that of client's and to oppose their registration. Our experience and expertise in substantive and procedural aspects of opposition allows us to provide high quality services to clients.

    • Litigation Support Services
    • Conducting raid and seizures of goods
    • Infringement proceeding

  • We offer Copyright, Industrial Designs, domain names, Geographical Indication, Plant Variety, Integrated Circuit registration services and data theft / cyber law related offences. Particularly, we undertake copyright and design searching, licensing, infringement analysis and litigation.

    Our experts work with companies to identify, evalaute and protect IP asspciated with businesses, products and services of the companies.


Innovolve believe in key individuals & organizations. We are highly networked Legal service provider and associated with various global organizations and chapters. We are a member of GOAL, LES, INTA, DLA-PIPER, AAPA,...



Since June --, 1998 when first legal assignment had hit Indian shores, the story of LPO industry has been pretty successful. Professionals at Innovolve has witnessed many transition in this industry and continoued to believe...



Innovolve has recently participated in the conference at Global LPO conference, NYC, please watch Innovolve in action here and brief about Innovolve's contribution at the conference.


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